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Sion Medical acquires Nilymed Medical Products

Sion Medical group is proud to announce the acquisition of Nilymed Medical Products.

Under the umbrella of Sion Biotext, Nilymed will be able to expand its reach to new markets and territories. At the same time, Sion Biotext will add an important product line of Disposable Sterile Covers to broaden its existing line of Advanced Wound Care, Infection Prevention, and PPE products.

Nilymed medical products is a manufacturer of disposable sterile covers

Together with our medical distributing partners, our mission is to lead a reliable and efficient supply chain that helps maintain a sterile field in the operating room.

We offer our customers timely service and support that results in a long term – hand in hand – relationship as business partners who can rely on each other.

UNI Cover A Universal light handle Cover that solves all your problems

This patented product has been cleverly designed to give the best solution for the growing numbers of light systems that don’t have adapters.

It fits well on all manufacturers original light handles and all universal adapters, stopping the need for expensive universal light adaptors.